Hey this is Michael D. Treadway. Thanks for your interest in really bright blue light. Please don’t try that without at least a # 9 lens. Know what I mean. Man I have tricks and tips and amazing stuff that you will be exposed to if you hang with me. Go to my web page and leave a contact so I can send you free stuff and help you out when you get behind The Welders Lens.  See ya!


3 responses to “About

  • Sheldon

    I am a home hobbyist looking for help with MIG welding. When will you post some MIG info?

    Thanks for this service!


  • justin

    i tried sending and email but it didn’t get to you for some reason. i do some pipe welding at work. im still a rookie and am trying to get better at doing standing joints. any tips would be helpful. great website!

  • thewelderslens

    Hey Justin, I am not sure what you mean by standing joints of pipe. Are you talking about position welding on pipe that can’t be moved or turned? Leave me a post at my most recent blog.
    The title of the most recent post is “How to determine what to do when the weld goes bad?”
    Thanks for your kind words and I am glad the website is a help to you. Talk soon Michael.

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