The Master Welder

Recently, I viewed some welding information concerning the jobs that presently exist for the field of welding. I was amazed at the vast array of opportunity that is there for the taking. I looked at one particular add I have based this article on.

The add was looking for what was deemed the master welder. Just that term is intriguing and what ideas that term would paint in the mind. Think about that for a minute. The Master Welder. I like that term. If you are an aspiring welder or a person that has achieved expert status, you probably like that term too. Let me give you some ideas based upon the ad what the master welder qualifications are as viewed by the company that posted the ad.

First qualification was that the Master Welder needed to make welds with no imperfections and free of defects. Able to pass various tests in multiple processes in non-destructive weld testing. Here is a kicker. The Master Welder must also be a journeyman fitter. Now, there is a difference between a fitter and fabricator. It is good to know about both of these skills. Must be able to produce welds in a timely manner while safely following the company procedures.

Must be able to read blue prints with no supervision. The Master Welder must be able to assist other welders under him. A consistent failure rate of less than five percent on magna flux testing and less than ten percent (x-ray testing. At least five years experience in trade.

Knowledge of work methods for shop environment. Steel Toe boots approved by company, safety glasses, and hearing protection must be worn at work. Good team work skills a must. Must be motivated to work without supervision.

Now there are some tool requirements as well that the Master Welder must have in his possession. Tape Measure, 12” Adjustable Wrench, 12” Torpedo Level,24” Level, Combination Square,Center Finder, Framing Square, Angle Finder, Diagonal Wire Cutters, Miscellaneous Screw Drivers (Flat & Phillips), Slip Joint Pliers, Torch Striker.

That actually is not that much for a Master Welder to have in his possession. I was thinking there would have been much more. Of course, there was no pay scale mentioned but for that area of the U.S.A. I am guessing the rate would be in the upper 20s to lower 30s. The Master Welder is an all around hand. He can do just about anything.

Where do you fit in this plan? Are you looking to qualify your skills so you can be the master welder? That position opens a huge world of opportunity to a welder.

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Thanks and Take Care.


About thewelderslens

I have been welding for over a quarter of a century(25 years). I am 43 years old and have a successful business, a beautiful family. I pastor a church as well. My hope in all this is to bring what I have learned to the forefront so others can get a huge head start. I have lived through it for you. Be thankful. Later. View all posts by thewelderslens

21 responses to “The Master Welder

  • Dan Sealey

    Your e-mails keep requesting a reply and I think I just figured out how to leave a message. I did receive and read your free introductory e-book. I am just a beginner and currently taking a class from my local community college. I enjoyed reading your book as a second source. I particularly appreciated your comments on selecting a welder’s hood. I have been using the old type that are available for students at the college. I am the only student who is trying to learn that way and it shows. I wear glasses and between the goggles, the flopping of the hood and the bifocals I haven’t been able to see what I am doing. I made a big breakthrough last class when I realized I don’t need my glasses while welding. My welds improved dramatically so I am in the market for a hood before next class to cut down on the striking problem I still have.
    My next step is to reread your advice on helmets and go shopping.


    Dan Sealey

  • thewelderslens

    Hey Dan,
    Thanks for the reply. I wanted to get back to you sooner. Been swamped.
    I wanted to thanks for the kind comments on the ebook.
    I also wanted to let you know that I am selling the best hood that is on the
    market if you are interested. Go to http://www.thewelderslens.compage21/welding_helmet.html
    This is a steal for this helmet. Talk soon.

  • smokinpranch


    I just got it figured out myself like Dan did.

    First, let me say I sure appreciate you sharing your knowledge. It isn’t too often someone with true ability who can pass on their skills efficiently. You do an excellent job of it.

    My welding skills are what I might call “adequate”. Mostly self taught. Never have done it consistently enough to get really good at it. I’ve been in the mechanical trades for over 30 years….millwright, rigger, electrician, designer, machinist, etc. Whatever put food on the table at the time.

    But the place I’m working now, a chemical plant, uses quite a few union pipe fitters. Working nights, I often go over to their shop and look at the welds. I suppose someone who didn’t understand would think I’m nuts. But I’ll look at the tig welds on the stainless, the 6010 roots, the 7018 covers. Even run my fingers over them and feel the consistency.

    I can see which welds are the apprentices who are just starting out, the guys who are just there for the money and the guys who really take pride in their work. They all work days so I never see them. But I’ll bet in 15 minutes I could place each one with his welds first time we met.

    Anyways, keep up the good work. I got ya bookmarked here now as well as subscribed to YouTube channel.

    If you’d be interested, I got a video of a welding/fabication table I been building on YouTube.

    Just kinda close your eyes when any of the welds get close up.

    Best Regards,

    Al Popovich

  • Chevy

    I to got to say, I like what you are doing here.I look forward to your video’s helping me to get up to speed faster

  • Roger Barber

    I tried to send you an email recently but received a message back saying that it did not acheive its destination because your inbox was full.Obviously you must be very busy and I understand this,I find your website very interesting and Im sure other people do as well.I have full intentions to begin welding school as soon as I can begin and do have some experience welding in positions Ive held in the past.My only question was what school would you recomend in my area of Kansas city?I have done some research and have chosen Vattarot College in K.C.MO.

  • thewelderslens

    Anytime you use email send it to
    Glad you are signed on. I was part of the boilermakers at one time and attended the
    facility in Kansas City, Kansas I think. It was many years ago. They are still
    in that location. Excellent training but you have to go through the union and become
    an apprentice to get involved with them. I am not familiar with any other facility
    out there. One thing you should be aware of. I have heard that there is not a great
    deal of good comments in regards to most welding schools lately because the instructors
    don’t seem to be spending the one on one with their students. Just make sure you
    don’t enroll into a class that is overloaded with students. Anything I can help you with
    please stay in touch. Thanks

  • Roger Barber

    Your comments are appreciated and if what you say is still in effect I will attend another school because I intend to work for myself in the end building motorcycles.Nothing against unions they serve their purpous but when I work it will be as a qualified and certified welder.Im 48 and do not have time to waste as an apprentice.Thanks for all you do and I will be in touch!

  • chevy

    Mike you put together some really good videos,this must have taken alot of time.I ordered the x-mas package,and i am very pleased. Mike is trying to really help for the welding schools out there(at least the one I’m going to)you can learn some (or alot) but you have to teach yourself,that’s what i’m running into

  • thewelderslens

    Thanks for your kind compliments. I did put a huge amount of time
    and prayer into my products. I am glad that I was able to help you.
    I keep hearing that the welding schools are not giving the training
    to the students like they need. If you can weld a bit and watch the videos
    a bit, I think that you will get a better education with what I have put together.
    Thanks again,

  • Roger Barber

    vattorot doesnt have and never has had welding classes nor are they located in kck(ive lived here almost my entire life)they are indeed in KCMO.even though they have welding technoligy and combination welding listed on their web site this is false info and is a regular bite in the ass for me and has been a huge waste of my time!

  • chevy

    Hi all, we are three weeks into new semester,and i’m taking tig this time.One of the first things are teacher said was this is a self taught class..he missed the day after super bowl,and i asked about the open labs on fridays, he said,”i’m taking fridays off this year.” The school i’m attending is suppose to be a level 2 sense aws certification when you are done.(provided you pass the the test for aws) I know i’m gonna have to work really hard and memorize the chapters and the make the best of my lab times.Don’t let your teachers hold you back. chances are if he’s teaching he does know what he is doing.(my teacher is a old pipefitter) So show them you wanna learn and ask a bunch of questions while you are in class/lab.My teacher does not wanna waste his time(or so it seems)on the people who are coasting.Take your welding book into the labs with you and try and do all the weld experiments,and make your teacher show you what you might/are doing wrong. I found they will help you if you show them you wanna learn.Last but not least check out Mikes videos i bought them there is alot of good info and weld puddles to watch (something they don’t teach)goodluck guys/girls (can’t leave the girls out)lol

  • thewelderslens

    thanks for pluggin one for me. You can do all things through CHRIST that strengthens you. That is provided he is your Christ!!

  • Junior Cole

    I hope this is the right place to put my information. I am 44 years old and have been a heavy equipment mechanic since I started working 25 years ago. I recently started a new job in a chemical plant and I have to go through an apprenticeship program. I have basic welding experience in stick and mig but I am going to have to certify in tig stainless, aluminum, and carbon along with pipe welding. There probably will be some exotics such as titanium, hastelloy, zirconium, and inconel. I found you by your videos on you tube and was looking for any help I could find. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated because I am not 20 years old anymore.
    Thank you and God bless.

  • thewelderslens

    Yes, I understand Juinor. I am 44 and feel like my back is 74 LOL! Hang in there friend.
    God bless you and your efforts.

  • chevy

    I to am a old dog juinor (43) my back is still good (thank you god) went back to school last fall it has been quite challenge,it was really hard at first .adjusting to school and how they teach. I was accusing the teacher of not teaching when he was, for i did not know college is unsupervised learning, but you still get your papers graded. ,but i like it now that i know how college works, i got mikes videos they show really good weld puddles and what they should look like that is something you do not get in college good luck…

  • thewelderslens

    Praise Jesus!
    Old Dogs like me learn new tricks. I too went back to college recently.

  • Mike

    hi guys,
    my name is mike, i woukld like to introduce me at first. my trade is iws – what means international welding specialist and i weld the three most commom technics of handwelding. im also train and teach people in the different welding technics and the theoretic stuff on a welding shool here in berlin germany. i also have the trade “schweißwerkmeister”
    it means as much as welding work master in english.
    and thats what i think your ment with your opinion of a master welder. to get this you must have done the following thinks here in a short perio of time (two days ) welding ten pieces -pipes plates- mixed materials like steel and stainless steel and so on.
    you have to do it only with blueprints and eight peices have to undergo an x ray. it sounds hard at first but it has to be this way if you want to do some welds on the field, like bridges, towers or even for the transportation companies here.
    i prefer tig and stick welding and actually i wanted to say that i really like your work here in the internet – i love it because i can get alot of interesting tips and i always want to better up my skills. i watch often videos from you at shool with my students because i like the style – short but good. and i like to share experiences of the trade,
    so if there any questions – feel free to ask.
    best regards – mike

  • Mike D.

    Hey Mike. Having a tough time last couple of days. Fighting the good fight, the enemy is trying to sift me like wheat, darn near succeeding. Anyway, was looking at getting certified but I have to research into what certs are there. Too tired now to type anymore. I usually get up at 4:30-5:00. I had watched a few vids but don’t have sound hooked up yet. Where can I find info on the different type of certifications Mike?

  • Mike D.

    By the way, the time on my last post says 4:54pm, I am EST. Almost 10 pm here. Michael, you sent me a link to check out some of the available videos but the link is dead. I get this page:
    Not Found

    The requested URL /welding_videos.html was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Apache/2.2.15 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.15 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ PHP/5.2.13 Server at Port 80

    Did you know this?


  • Mike D.

    Also, when I go to the main page it is blank. Maybe it is me.


  • thewelderslens

    Hello Michael,
    I appreciate all your posts. I am sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I just moved from Wyoming to Louisiana. My website is down. I had some problems with my server during file upload. I revamped my website. I am somewhat settled now and will be rolling again shortly. I am not totally sure if there is an online database where you can find out information about certs and how to go about getting the ones you need. If you know what type of welding you are required to do for hiring on a certain job, you can go to a testing facility and request that certain test for that certain qualification. Most time, whoever you work for will send papers or give you request papers to present to the place that does the testing. If you are welding pipeline, you can take the downhill test which is good for 6 months. You carry a letter that has the stamp of the CWI (certified welding inspector) who passed your test. There are ASME codes and within that organization there are high pressure and low pressure tests. There is the world of downhill code which is usually governed by the API 1104 specifications. There are just so many certs to look at. My question to you would be is there a certain job or company you are looking to get? If so, then they will normally tell you what you need. You could take tests that might cost you money and not be worth anything from one branch to the other. If you have more of an idea of what direction you want to go, I might be able to come up with a more solid answer to help you with. As far as the enemy goes, he is defeated!! We are tested and tried but know that the fiery trials of our faith are always for a season and used by the Lord as a way to teach us more about ourselves, other people, and most of all Jesus. I will sure pray for you. Stay in touch and be blessed to live for Jesus.

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