What does it mean to say,”I am a Tig Welder”?

What does it mean to say, “I am a Tig Welder”?

When you talk about welding there are many types or processes of welding that are considered. For the most part when the word welder is spoken of it is usually the stick welding that is brought to mind. It might even refer the mind to a Mig machine that is common to shop work in welding.

Welding as we know it, is the art of gluing metal components together. Tig welding is popular in the powerhouse industry. Tig is popular in refineries and petrol chemical plants. It is widely used in the fabrication of light weight bicycles.

There are thousands of uses for this type of welding. The unique thing about this welding application is that it absolutely takes into consideration the method of having to use both hands while administering the weld. To answer our introductory question would be to say if I call myself a tig welder would be to imply, I am ambidextrous.

A tig welder must absolutely learn to weld with both hands. In all honesty to be a good welder of any kind, it is imperative to be able to use either or both hands to weld with.

Of course this is easier said than done. If you have ever tried your hand at welding you probably already understand what I mean. Tig welding is a prestigious form of welding.

Tig welding is a style of welding that demands a patient hand. Most times you would ever consider a Tig welder, the thought of a clean well dressed individual that has a confidence level above the average welder.

This is surely in part due to the education and time spent in learning this type of welding as well as the opinion of external influences in the welding community.

It is usually fact that this type of welding pulls in the biggest dollar amount when it comes to welding in general depending upon other factors outside our topic of discussion.

When the statement is made then what does it mean to say, “I am a Tig Welder”? I am saying that I am the best in my field. I am big bucks and top dog. I am confident and respected. I am accomplished in my field. These are some of the ideas that go with a statement like that. 


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I have been welding for over a quarter of a century(25 years). I am 43 years old and have a successful business, a beautiful family. I pastor a church as well. My hope in all this is to bring what I have learned to the forefront so others can get a huge head start. I have lived through it for you. Be thankful. Later. View all posts by thewelderslens

4 responses to “What does it mean to say,”I am a Tig Welder”?

  • Don

    I am a Boilermaker, an accomplished Tube Welder with thousands of welded tubes and heavy wall pipe under my belt. I am also a General Industry Superintendent. When I was working and listed myself as a ‘Tube Welder’, synonomous to what is described here as a Tig Welder, I would get dirty with the mechanics in the holes and then goto tubes, and finally roll back and exit. Today when I get a primadonna on any job I’m working on/pushing and/or if they show up starched and give me the ‘Tube Welder/Tig Welder Only Speech’ they have approximately 90 minutes to prove that they can do something besides weld, otherwise they are ‘Run Off’ not ‘Laid Off’. There is no place for a cry baby primadonna one skill set wonder to sit there and say they are better than another worker and refuse to do the work that we are all being paid for.


  • thewelderslens

    I hope I didn’t come off as one of those Don? I was also a union boilermaker out of Local 28 in Jersey but now live in Wyoming. You do it all out here. There is no union unfortunately. Take Care

  • Don

    Nope. But I wanted to share the other side of the equation. It is also my fervent hopt that they teach these kids coming through that its an all encompassing trade, not just one seen from under the hood. I started off Tanking, before I got into a Local Union and did an apprenticeship – over 20 years ago. You’ve got an outstanding teaching tool here, and I am recommending it to Tradesman and Trainees alike – keep up the great work.

  • thewelderslens

    Coming from a man with your life experience, I take that as a huge compliment. I have never been a very slick welder but I do consider myself
    practical. Some of the videos didn’t turn out as good as I would have liked them. What mistakes I made I left in to show a welder real life escape from
    making mistakes along the way. I do appreciate your kind words Don. Thanks so much!

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