Lots of Good Feedback and Questions

I just want to say how inspiring it is for me to hear from you all and how grateful I am to hear you kind comments and words of encouragement.

You have really made all this worth while when I see such a great response from all of the people who have been following my site and the videos.

First let me say that I have just finished up a killer tig presentation that is like 5 or 6 hours long. It will take some time to get the snippets out to the web.

Next, today I started a mig series that won’t be real long but I will do more in the future on Mig with hard wire as well as flux core or some innershield.

I am also going to be wrapping up this portion of the study course with an

uphill pipe series with fast freeze root and low hydrogen cap.

All of these teachings and videos for this portion have been concentrated on pipe and there will be plate to come as well as the exotic metals.

I plan on doing this for a long time as long as there are people who can benefit.

Anyway. I know you all have a great deal of questions and I am sorry I haven’t gotten back sooner, I have been turning and burning in my shop and banging on my computer editing film and videos.

I just posted a video on the net called The GREATEST WELDER. It is pretty funny.

I don’t have a link because it is brand new, but check on KEWEGO.com or Youtube.com

Keep your eyes on your emails because there will be some very critical announcements coming up. If you know anyone that is not on my list you need to tell them to get on now, they won’t want to miss what is coming.

Thanks again. Michael.


About thewelderslens

I have been welding for over a quarter of a century(25 years). I am 43 years old and have a successful business, a beautiful family. I pastor a church as well. My hope in all this is to bring what I have learned to the forefront so others can get a huge head start. I have lived through it for you. Be thankful. Later. View all posts by thewelderslens

14 responses to “Lots of Good Feedback and Questions

  • Bryan

    I know there are students from the course I am taking here also but I am speaking for myself. I really enjoy the videos on pipe and Tig as that is what we are studying as we are learning to become pipe welders, even once we are these are great to come back to and brush up or remind us of the important factors we must remember, thanks for the videos!

  • thewelderslens

    Hello Bryan,
    Thanks for the kind words. I am glad that I could be of some help to your career
    as a welder. Spread the word about those tools so others can benefit.
    Tell them to visit me on the World Wide Web @ http://www.thewelderslens.com
    I am currently running a sale on all my products. Thanks Michael!

  • Niels

    Hey. Well whats can i say i havnt looked through your website yet so i cant really say much. At the moment personally im gathering as many reputable welding websites that can give me good accurate info.

    I was certified on a few positions on various welding techniques several years ago but i never pursued it. To busy traveling. Now that i recently live in the US i want to pick up my welding again and hopefully turn it in to my job.

    I’m always looking for accurate info and particularly good quality welding video tuition.
    Your video on Pipe is good. I havnt tried looking at any other of your video yet.

    http://www.weldingtricks and tips etc..i found that site and i have to say i like it.It Cuts the bull out of the tech stuff. He only tells u what u need to know.

    Guys tend not to a have alot of time wading through welding info on there evenings before bed. I tend to leave a site if i think the info is bogus or the writer is going of on a tangent.

    Simple, accurate and to the point. Thats a good start if i where writing a website on welding.

    Hope i didnt sound critical-didnt mean too.

    Good luck with the site..

  • Patrick Belding

    just alittle info about me, I have been welding off and on since 1990, when i took classes in ocyacetylene welding,stick welding (plate and pipe),and mig ,did not get to take tig and as it turned out that is what i do the most of these days. You have the most informative videos i have seen yet. Keep up the good work.


  • thewelderslens

    Thank you for your king comments. Hang in there Patrick.

  • Zeke

    Dear Mr.Michael thanks for all the good information I have been recieving your e mail im a starter you know working on them plates vertical, horizontal, overhead, I like them videos you can actually see the movement of the rods thanks again Zeke, Edinburg TX

  • thewelderslens

    I am glad I have been a blessing to you Zeke, hang in there man and you will get it.

  • Daniel

    Hi Michael, I live north of the border and did receive welding training. I covered it all. Large amounts in stick and not too much TIG because of my time constraints. I learned Mig welding so quick I was doing test plates a week into the session. No inclusions and no defects. Stick was the same way. My bead was so smooth I never needed to chip off the slag. It peeled itself off lol. I am looking heavily for Tig information. I have done it before and do have the proper coordinations just want more info. I was planning on going through another welding stint but decided to save my pennies and buy one instead. I just looking for pipe info specifically. I watched a few of your videos and liked what I saw. I was also taught to walk the cup. It gives way more precise control of the puddle. Makes the welds look awesome and hold up in destructive testing. Any recomendations on a Tig welder? I was looking at an inverter type welder because of the size. And of course I love burning stick too.
    Keep up the good work

  • thewelderslens

    Hello Daniel,
    good to hear from you. I have used inverters in the past and never had a lick of trouble from them.
    Anymore they are not really that pricey. For the functionality coupled with size you can’t beat them.
    There are a great deal of choices out there but take into consideration what type of warranty
    you receive on your final choice and make sure it can hold up to the load of welding if you plan
    on using it for production welding. Good luck Michael.

  • Jeff

    I’ve got some follow-up emails since I have received your free ebook. I’m a home hobbyist who has little experience. I recently purchased a used Lincoln Square Wave TIG 175, and have begun using it to build a trailer for my bicylce. I do have a little past experience with MIG welding, but very informal training. I’ve started using the TIG. It’s a lot of trial and error, and I appreciate all the information I can find that augments and enlightens the knowledge I’m getting from the hands on experience. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

  • thewelderslens

    Hey Jeff,
    great to hear from you. I too had a Lincoln 185 square wave. I loved that machine. I sold it not long ago because of
    problems with my back that began in 1990. If I can do anything to help answer some questions you may have
    please don’t hesitate to let me know and If I can help I sure will.
    Lord Bless, Michael

  • wally

    thanks again. these dvds are great (not a paid endorsement). i got into welding a little late,45 yrs. young. i had an opportunity to join the pipefitters. i recieved a handfull of informal classes with a great instructor. practiced for about a year. passed ua21 pipe cert. i’ve been welding pipe on jobs since. I’ve also tried O/A, mig,and now tig. going for tig cert next month. i actually love all types of welding. i’ve got a pretty decient shop in my garage. was lucky last month to be given a miller TB301G w/only 60 hrs. from my old boss. he got out of the pipe business.
    i’m thinking of starting mobil welding. we’re very slow on the fitter side.

  • thewelderslens

    Hello Wally,
    I am thankful that those videos were a blessing to you. Thanks for your support and encouragement. Great deal on the welding machine. I had a mobile business in Wyoming but I would have had to travel and I couldn’t do that. A rig truck can bring in some great money. One of the nice things I liked was the ability to come and go. I sold off all my equipment and the truck itself. Good Luck

  • Ryan

    Hello Michael,

    To tell you the truth I haven’t got a chance to read your ebook yet but am already grateful for your service and help! I have been going to school about a year for welding now and have used oxy/acetylene, Stick with E-6010,6011,6013, Tig with mild steel, aluminum & stainless & Wirefeed process GMAW short circuit, sparay/pulsed. Also FCAW. So I’ve gotten the basics for these down but am looking forward to any tips/tricks/techniques that I can suck out of you! Thanks again! Can’t wait for the videos!

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