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About thewelderslens

I have been welding for over a quarter of a century(25 years). I am 43 years old and have a successful business, a beautiful family. I pastor a church as well. My hope in all this is to bring what I have learned to the forefront so others can get a huge head start. I have lived through it for you. Be thankful. Later. View all posts by thewelderslens

63 responses to “The Email Transmissions List

  • thewelderslens

    Here is the first post by me so you can follow the pattern. It is super easy. Thank You!

    Yes I am getting your emails!

  • jason bender

    yes getting all emails.

  • Dave

    Getting your emails


  • Dick

    Yes I’m getting your emails, and bring on the new videos.

    On the first one on putting in the root pass on the pipe. Have you already or are you going to show putting on the cover or cap pass?

    Thanks Dick.

  • Thomas

    Hello everyone still at home taking care of business . My welding machine started knocking now i got to go single hand . Keep up the good work and Thank You.

  • Chaudhari Yogesh

    Dear Sir,
    I am very sorry to reply you
    Yes I am getting your emails!

    Yogesh Chaudhari

  • Ian Taylor

    I am one of the faithful

  • Paul

    Yes, I have been receiving your emails. Just been too busy to reply until now. Thanks for staying in touch. My knowledge of welding is very limited so I look forward to learning all I can. Also interested in torch cutting and welding and would like some equipment recommendations. Something inexpensive and safe to use to start out with.

    Thanks – Paul

  • bryan

    yes recieving mail

  • Scott

    Yes I am getting the emails.

  • ChrisC

    Great video’s. Not much time for me to do a college night course thing. Hoping this will improve my stick/mig/tig welding !

    Yes , I’m getting your e-mails
    Thanks, Chris

  • Bill

    Yes I am getting your emails,
    Also if you could put it out toeveryone I am looking for a welding bed for a 2003 f350 ford and a pipeline welding machine.
    I would apprec

  • Raj

    Getting your emails, have not started to weld yet, gaining more technical experience.

  • Neil Mansfield

    yes I do recieve your emails and would like to continue…

    Assabet Valley Vocational High School
    Metal Fabrication / Welding Instructor
    Retaired Navy Seabee Chief

  • Tom

    I am getting the emails, thanks. Would like to see more on stick welding, pipe stuff, plate out of position etc. thanks

  • Arc & Burn (Donald)

    Yes I am getting your e-mails, Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Dan

    Yes, I’m getting your emails.

  • John

    Yes I,m getting the emails GREAT job,I,ve beeen welding over 30yrs still learning. Please keep them coming,

    Thanks again

  • nick kelly

    hi michael,
    yes i’m recieving all your e-mails, and look forward to getting them, good luck with your project.

    nick kelly

  • bill

    Sure, I’m still getting your emails.


    have only viewed the crud trap no sound , still waiting on fix doug

  • Jim

    Yes, I’m getting your emails. Thanks.


    Thanks, Yes I have been receiving your very informative mails.

  • Sheldon

    Yes, getting emails and anxiously awaiting in some MIG tutorials.

  • Tom Burgess

    Yes getting your e-mails looking forwarde to your TIG welding

  • Chaudhari Yogesh


    I got your first video

    Thanks, Yogesh

  • Donny Breedlove


    I am receiving your emails and want to say thanks for all the good info on pipe welding. I am going to break out into welding soon and need all the help I can get.


  • Donny Breedlove


    I am receiving your emails and want to say thanks for all the good info on pipe welding. I am going to break out into welding soon and need all the help I can get.


  • Hugh

    Receiving your e-mails loud and clear over the pond in the UK where it’s raining raining raining…. take care


  • matthew

    yes i have been getting them thanks very much

  • Chuck

    Yes, I’m receiving your e-mails and looking forward to more info. Thank you.

  • danny

    yes I am recieving your emails and at times can not respond immediately
    sorry to not reply sooner

  • ken

    yes iam geting emails

  • justin

    getting all your emails here in canada. enjoying all the pipe stuff. would like some standing joints in different positions if it’s possible. thanx, keep up the good work

  • AussieLou

    Really enjoying the ‘behind the lens’ video series keep up the great work am looking foward to your Tig presentations!

    Regards Lou 🙂

  • A.Reneau

    Great articles thanks for the info.

  • justin buller

    i like your videos on youtube but can you do a video on up hill pipe welding and mig tig pipe welding thank you for all your good videos ..

  • justin buller

    I like your videos on youtube can you do one on up hill pipe welding and mig tig pipe welding keep up the good work

  • Andrew

    Hi Mr. Treadway, i have been without a computer for almost two months now and i found e-mails from you, am so sorry that it has taken too long to get back to you however i received and receive all your mails, vidios and so on. am sending you a feedback on thanksgiiving that is when i will have more time to sit on the computer again.

  • Brian

    I’m writing to let you know I get your e-mails keep them coming.

  • Brian Bercovitz

    Hi Mr Treadway,

    I am recieving your emails and look forward to the TIG videos. Other than reading material on the Miller site and publications available at Barnes & NobleI have no formal welding training.
    I am a mech engineer and have been welding as a hobby for a few years. Almost all the work is related to automotive projects. I have a small mig (miller 140xp), tig (syncrowave 250) and plasma cutter (375 extreme). Most of my time is spent welding steel and aluminum but I am getting interested in trying some Titanium. Am considering making a tube chassis as part of a track car fabrication.


  • AussieLou

    Gidday Mr trend 🙂

    Have just finished watching your Tig Videos & really enjoyed and learnt from them only downside is im left hanging out for more …………… Would love to see more TIG videos.

    A big thumbs up for showing us some ideas on positioning and how to walk your tig Rig along a pipe bevel!

    I got soooooooo much outta this part of your presentation Bless you!

    Keep inspiring US!

    Regards Lou 🙂

  • thewelderslens

    Luke, Why do you keep calling me Mr. Trend?

  • Carl

    Hi Michael!
    I just finished watching the Tig pipe series, and SMAW uphill pipe. Fantastic! Just what I was looking for. I’ve been welding for 35-years, but mostly wire feeds, and stick. Wanted to broaden my skills with Tig, and pipe welding, without going back to welding school. Your videos are perfect for me. They have shown me things I’ve never seen before, and reminded me of things I forgot from welding school back in the early 1970’s.
    Great work, keep it up!

  • thewelderslens

    Hey my friend, Thank you so much for your encouraging words
    and comments. I am glad that I was able to put out something that
    seems to really be helping people that are getting there hands on it.
    Thanks again and I will be mailing your DVD tomorrow and sending you and email in case you don’t get this.
    Thanks Carl.
    Take Care!!

  • keith holder

    Michael. Yes I have recieved your emails and I did received the dvds I ordered. I ve been in industrial metal fab for 25 yrs. Most of my work was brewery work. Lots of stainless, not pipe but handrail, gaurds, tanks and conveyoer systems. We tig welded most of these items, shop and field. I am very good with tig rig. Many a times I have been laying in 2 inches of water and beer welding some part overhead. For yrs I got to watch union pipe fitters weld sch5 S/S food grade pipe. Walking the cup and producing beutiful welds inside and out of pipe. I recently got into pipe. Got cert API 1104 6010-7018. I welded for a mech company out of Denver. Now I am working as pipe and vessel fitter for Hettinger in Loveland. I am sure you are familar with that name. I am now taking self study course at local community college to learn tig on pipe. In all my yrs of tig welding I never tryed walking the cup. Tried it the first time a week ago and produced the best welds ever, the procces is great. I am having problems getting my root in consistant and convex. Your video with the chopped in half coupon LOL was great in showing how to do this. The techniqe of putting your filler rod in from the back of the weld was an eye opener, very helpful but difficult to do. Stick welding is second nature to me but watching you cap out with 7018 was interesting. Never seen the bent rod trick, I am going to try that. One of the things you could help some of us out with is welding terminology. There is so many ridiculous terms out there that intemidate people. Ive been welding with 6010 for yrs but didnt know what 5p was. Single hand, what the hell is that. I now know what these are but for the uninitiated these terms can be a problem. Maybe something you can incoparate into your program. I am glad you don’t edit out your screw ups. Like when you screw up your tungsten or stick your filler rod, I can relate a lot better. Keep up the good work, I am off to finish watching tig series. Thanks again Keith

  • thewelderslens

    Hey Keith,
    Thanks for the very informative post. I am glad you got your shipment.
    I try to be timely with all my business. I appreciate your questions and upfront approach to what you are looking to get out of all this.
    I will absolutely keep that in mind and probably just put out an article with some answers to these questions.
    Please let me know your take on the package you got.
    Thanks Michael!!

  • dodjie

    Hi there. I’m just a novice. I wanted to get info’s of what type of welding machine should I get for my application which is manufacturing (motorcycle frames). I’m thinking of Mig or Tig. Which is better?

  • thewelderslens

    Hey friend,
    That is a tuff question to answer.
    You really could go either way with
    that. I think I would lean towards
    TIG. I think you will have more control
    with what you are doing and also
    the welds will look better. You don’t have
    to work the cup or anything on welds like
    that, you just have to move the rig over the
    filler rod laid in place once your heat is set,
    and walla!!

  • william shives

    Michael, i got email thanks i started welding in high school 1971-1974 1 year welding vo tech what a great trade & art to know i done mig & stick thru the years but not tig at this time the welding i do is on the drilling rig i work on mostly stick 5p LH-7018 when its needed. but still interested in gaining more of what i can i enjoy your videos sharing your knowledge of welding procedures.maybe sometime if you could do something following blue prints i have a brother at Evanston WY thank you sir for what you are doing .Kansas Bill

  • Tom

    Yes I have been getting your emails. Also got the ebook and found it very informative. I am a novice welder and just do it as a hobby. I am still learning. I just got a mig welder — Lincoln Weld Pak 180 HD. Still need to buy the materials to create the circuit I need to run this machine.Also have a oxy/acet setup.

    Thank you,

  • Dale West

    I just got the first e-mail I am just a novice trying to learn how to stick weld I got a buzz box for xmas and am finding my self obbessed with it.

  • thewelderslens

    Hey Dale.
    Welding can be something that does get ahold of you. It seems like each pass you
    will lay down, each bead, is like laying the first bead you ever ran each time you do it.
    Good luck. Hope I can help you.

  • johnnie-5

    hello m t, johnnie-5 here.

    i have your hme study course i received a week ago. wanted to mention that u sent me 2 mig 1 dvd’s. i am a refrigeration tech by trade with hvac & commercial appliance s&r background. my welding has been pretty mush limited to braze and fusion weding copper pipe and motor bracket repair etc.
    i have the knack for welding and have been a fan of welding a long time. just havent been able to start training till now. what i have to work with is a 225ac buzz box, 200 amp tig, 200 amp dc+ / dc- stick, 150 amp mig, 50 amp plasma cut, 2 grinders for grind & 1 for braided wire brush, gas weld & cut rig, notcher, pipe bender, clamps, and a few tools i have fab’d.
    my main interested is in pipe and tube. i am just finishing up a small 2 quad trailer i designed. up to now my welds don’t look that great but there getting better. i love welding and wish i had went to welding school way back instead of refrig school and specialized in pipeline transmission etc. i’ll be 52 in a couple of months an refuse to think my future is at its end.
    steel products are pretty epensive but there seems to be a lot of small fab projects a person can do on a local basis like making heavyduty grinder stands, work tables, combo utility trailers, etc. for those buyers that like american made heavy duty items even though they can buy the chinese stuff @ the local ?!@#$ supply store for $40.00 or $50.00.
    what do i want out of welding? to be a damn good combo welder regaurdless of my age.
    heres a little of what kind of guy i am. i am the one in a million person that can pack in 20 years of knowledge in a few months. this is fact. when i had 2 years refrigeration experience, there were and still are guies that had 30+ years diagnostic service experience that constantly call me for tech support.why! because i take the job b4 and byond 8 to 5. constantly studng and researching to get the knowledge needed to complete the task at hand. and i practise, practice, practice, till im sick of it and then i practice more because i know wholeheartedly that repetician is professionalizm. really, not to many individules are that dedicated.
    i’m not braging, its just fact. i can tell in your dvd’s that u are the same kind of guy.
    well i hope this dident seem to funky. i’m just pasionate about the things and endevors i set my sights on. its kinda been my downfall too. jelous superiors always afraid my ways would get recognised and step on there toes etc. my attitude toward work is second to none and some supervisor always attempting to discredit my abilities when they see my knowledge surpasses theirs. but their on the inside, and im on the outside lookin in.
    i guess i needed someone to express that too and get it off my chest.
    your course is definitely helping me overcome my welding deficet. it is one on one training. i earn between $70,000 & $80,000 a year @ my job and would be happier if i had a job welding anything making $20. to $25. an hour 40 hours a week if thats all i could get. sound crazy! welding is to me very satisfying, and fun to.
    thanks m. t.

  • thewelderslens

    Hey Johhny,
    great to hear from you and sorry about the mix up on the MIG dvds. There is a MIG 2 second part and I will get it to you.
    Sounds like you are passionate about your welding. I am glad that I was able to help you in some way. Stay in touch
    and any questions you may have please let me know.

  • Jim Mitchell

    I have recieved your e-mails, I came to blog a couple of times and did not understand where to respond!
    I am a self taught, stick welder(I have built a 2 3/8THs tubing rail fence, and an c- purlin backed board fence!! the pipe fence about drove me NUTS!!
    It seems the pipe was magnitized!!
    The purlin fence went much better,only 10 blow throughs out of 200 welds on the purlin!!

    My goal (I think) is to learn TIG welding that I might job shop some part (parts) for someone else!!

    thanks for the videos, need more close ups to see weld puddle action!!!

  • thewelderslens

    Hello Jim, thanks for your response. Sorry the blog is confusing. Sounds like you have done a bit of welding. That is a lot of fence! I think my TIG videos are pretty good. The entire package offers way more than what is posted on Youtube and other places. Maybe some day you can add the set to your arsenal of information. I don’t think you would be disappointed,

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