Welcome To The World of Welding

Hello, and welcome to The Welders Lens blog. I hope this blog will be a place were you give or get answers to the questions that many welders face today. This is a supplement to my website that can be found at www.thewelderslens.com. Visit the site and you can recieve my free ebook I wrote personally just for visiting.  I have welding videos I am working on that I think you will find really cool and informative on stick rod welding, mig welding, and tig welding. I am building a welding home study course so people can learn how to weld. I have been a welder for many years and made a good living welding. These tricks I have learned can save you time and frustration.

I have some articles I am working on. One has been submitted to Ezinearticles.com

Really this is just the beginning of something great to come. In this first article you will find out about my site.

Thanks for your interest and may God bless you.  Thanks Michael D. Treadway


About thewelderslens

I have been welding for over a quarter of a century(25 years). I am 43 years old and have a successful business, a beautiful family. I pastor a church as well. My hope in all this is to bring what I have learned to the forefront so others can get a huge head start. I have lived through it for you. Be thankful. Later. View all posts by thewelderslens

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